No Neo About It! Just Nazis, please.

Sometimes we get lost in the gibberish of it all. So just slap your face, and focus. Here’s a dude that did.

Today, I’ve been thinking a lot about this whole ‘neo-Nazi’ thing. And I have to take the phrase, ‘neo-‘ out of it. I look at it as Nazism, plain & simple. Nothing ‘neo-‘ about it. And that bothers the living shit out of me.

See, I’m 66 years old. Born in 1951. Six years after the end of World War II. And, growing up, every kid I knew had a dad that was in the war. Every kid in the neighborhood. Every kid in school. Every friend. Every family. Every house we/they lived in was paid for, in part, by the GI Bill as thanks from a grateful nation for making the sacrifices they made. And every kid’s father was a hero. Because they all went overseas, to the Far East or to Europe or to the seven seas. But they all went. And they all fought.

Fought to eradicate the greatest scourge in history. A scourge that rounded up millions of people, put them into concentration camps & starved them until it was time for them to walk to their deaths in Auschwitz or Dachau or other places that had gas chambers, where they died horrible deaths by the hundreds at a time….until their numbers reached into the millions.

Our fathers & uncles fought that scourge in forests & in swamps & on beaches & on the high seas. Over three-hundred thousand of those would-be fathers & uncles left their mortal coils in the bloody dirt of those European battlefields in their heroic attempts to erase that scourge.

Monte Cassino. The Bulge. Africa. Normandy. Anzio. Berlin. El Alamein. And thousands of other battles. Our dads & our uncles were there.

And on May 8, 1945, victory in Europe was achieved. Hitler was gone. The Nazis were gone. The death marches were gone. The Reich was gone. Over & done with.

And our dads & our uncles & came home, knowing full well that their victory was forever. They had vanquished an army of unimaginable cruelty. They had vanquished the scourge of the earth.

And, as kids, we looked up to our dads & our uncles & our friends’ dads & their uncles & all the neighbors & all the school teachers & all the scout leaders & all the others who had gone, quite literally, to save the world.

They saved the world from Nazism.

And, now……now……somehow, that scourge is trying to return. Return in our own nation. Within our very shores. It is trying to return in the very same nation that made the world safe from it. And I can’t quite believe it.

I can’t quite believe that there are people in this land that admire what Hitler had wrought. And that they want it for the United States of America.

To me & all of those other kids I grew up with, it is unfathomable. This nation must NOT allow Nazism to exist within our midst. It must be rooted out, perhaps the same way our dads & uncles rooted it out in Europe.

Those who subscribe to Nazism must be vanquished. Again. We cannot allow what the Greatest Generation accomplished to be besmirched by this crowd of spiritually-bankrupt trash.

They are not Americans.

They are the enemy among us.

They are traitors.

And they must be treated as such.

-Jim Gath

He came because they brought him in.
They're back!
Tump’s Proud Boys take the US Capitol 2 weeks before Holocaust Memorial Day.

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