Impeach this unAmerican, rogue Supreme Court and get back to “We The People”…fast! 

Rainbows are illegal in Florida. The sunshine state’s Parental Rights in Education measure, known as the “don’t say gay” law, has officially taken effect. Under the new law, public school teachers can’t  “encourage classroom discussion about

History Is Present

Are there “fine people” on both sides of this psychosis too?

Like the millions of discarded shoes left in piles outside the gas chambers of Auschwitz, everything that belongs to the victims of the biggest mass murder in world history, belongs in Israeli or Jewish Holocaust museums. In a modern world with Holocaust deniers, evidence is all we have to light up the truth.


Rebel Rebel

Czechs Defeat a Populist, Offering a Road Map for other countries trying to Topple Dictators For the past decade, populists like Andrej Babis have often seemed politically invincible, rising to power across Central and Eastern

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PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER | Who’s fault it this?

Facebook & Instagram fucked us

Responsibility is a tricky subject. People really DO have the power change many things if they’re willing to give up whatever they have that’s empowering the unscrupulous behavior of the company (political party, country, etc.). For example, I am watching hundreds of Facebook and Instagram users make all kinds of cases for why they will continue using the platforms. They admit the damage is awful and cheer the courageous effort it took to expose it, but damn it, they’re hooked, and besides they use these sites very differently (huh?).
I get it. I don’t want to stop using Facebook or Instagram either. But I can’t just yell at my television anymore, It’s my responsibility to figure something out until they feel the only pain that will make them change. Maybe.