Turn on your smart light

Like anyone, I would love to believe that there are sharp lines between good and bad people. But there aren’t. Most people have dark passions waiting to be jacked up by a demagogue fixated on the fears and prejudices of others he can manipulate. Brutal narcissists have convinced millions over many years that decency is for the weak, that democracy is naïve, and kindness and respect for others are just tricks of ridiculous political correctness. It’s happening again today as it happened in the 1930s. But we are not helpless. I am exhausted too, but we must not to be complacent about the things we care about. They will be crushed if we do. Instead, they must be nurtured and defended regularly – because even so-called good people have the potential to do hideous things. Stand for something good, or you will fall for everything bad.

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