Gunning for assault weapons

I can’t stand Ted Cruz. People, puleeeeeze start working to get this blood-on-his hands creep out. During a hearing on gun violence one day after a lone gunman killed 10 people in Colorado and a week after a separate gunman killed eight people in the Atlanta area—Senator Ted Cruz whined that “every time there is a shooting, we play this ridiculous theater where this committee gets together and proposes a bunch of laws that would do nothing to stop these murders.” Adding a little catnip to the “they’re taking our guns!” crowd, he added, falsely, that Democrats want to strip “law-abiding citizens” of their right to bear arms.”
Liar! And Democrats did not steal the election either your sore loser!

Because America is trying to “open up” because God Forbid we should wait a minute to see if the vaccines do their jobs, and “it’s almost summer and fun time,” what kicks in immediately? We return to looking at our phones and learning that countless people were just murdered for no effing reason at all. Which in turn means having to once again hear from looney spineless Republicans whose top priority is ensuring that someone intent on killing a bunch of people can buy a gun to do so as quickly as possible. That is psychotic!
In no other modern civilized country is this allowed. Just America.

WTF is wrong with Republicans? No one is taking their guns away. Maybe their military assault He-Man dress up bullshit weapons. Join the military if you feel more manly doing that. But a grocery store? Why was a military weapon in a grocery store?

Think about it, if you have car accidents and DUIs and parking tickets on your driving record, you can’t have a driver’s license. You are a risk to innocent citizens. You could kill them. If we can agree to that, why can’t we accept background checks to get a gun license? Yes, you do not like laws that tell you what to do. We get that. But you also want to be a member of society. You want to be part of this country. So you agree to compromise and give up certain potentially dangerous and hurtful things. Things that can come back and hurt you too. What will you do when some maniac shoots your son? Shoots your wife? Daughter? Husband? Maybe all of them at once cause he doesn’t have to reload with his cool assault weapon?

Screw Cruz and the GOP. TIME’s UP. WE elect the people who make the laws. Bad laws? BAD people! Get them out. 2022 is coming fast.

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