Dearest Trumpsters

Dear, dear Trump supporters,

Trump’s not just a faker, he’s a hardcore criminal. He’s everything he convinced you Hillary Clinton was four years ago. He’s the one who deserves to be “locked up” and soon he likely will be.

He’s not a Republican or a Democrat. He’s not a conservative or a liberal. He’s a desperate grifter looking for suckers to take advantage of. And my god, did he ever hit the mother load with you!

Trump’s taxes have finally been leaked. And (Gasp!) wouldn’t you know it, he’s a total fake. He’s not a billionaire. He’s 421 million dollars in debt and is about to get foreclosed on. We pay more taxes than Donald Trump. Because he’s losing so much money, he’s paid zero in federal taxes 10 of the last 15 years. Two of the years he did pay it was less than 1,000 bucks. He’s been living off credit and hot air. It was all a scam. Just like his college, just like is charity, and just like his political career.

You were so easy for him to scam. He knew you’d be impressed with all of his shallow boasting. He knew you’d never spot the difference. He knew he’d win you over by taking advantage of your reluctance to dig deeper for the truth, your addiction to cartoon news like Fox, your fears, your insecurity, your racism, your homophobia, and your weakness for bullies masquerading as strongmen. You were like shooting fish in a barrel for him. He’s convinced you the real news is fake, and the fake news is real. He has you cheering for authoritarianism over democracy. He has you scared and fearful of your neighbors but not of COVID-19. He actually convinced you that he is a real Christian. Unfortunately, as a former top aide to Vice President Pence just revealed, he actually thinks you are “disgusting”.

We all know people who voted for him in 2016 and quickly realized they made a mistake. But not you, oh, no, not you. You doubled down. You embraced Russian propaganda over the American free press. You embraced conspiracy theories over science and reality. He’s lied to you over 22,000 times since taking office and you never checked any of his falsehoods out. You were afraid to know and learn! Thanks to you, he’s made a fool of this nation.

We imagine Trump and his propaganda news outlets will attempt to continue the scam, at least for another few. weeks. We bet some of you, through some breathtaking mental gymnastics, will continue to allow yourself to get scammed.

But Trump is going down on November 3 and when he does, the American justice system will come after him and his cronies.

You’ve been presented clearly with a big mistake you made in 2016. But apparently you are addicted to him. So, you are allowing our republic to get damaged in ways we will spend years fixing. And, P.S., in the process you are exposing some incredibly dark things about your own character that will be hard to forget. And even harder to heal. Get on it!


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