Daze them with stupidity!

Will the (gasp!) Mueller Report change anything? Were you shocked and surprised by what you were able to actually read? No. Did Trump’s team, starring Barr and Giuliani playing daze ‘um-with-stupidity defense, and Mueller and the Democrats playing by the rules, do anything at all? 

Unfortunately, Yes. It distracted us for still another week when we could have been organizing and studying the records of all the 2020 candidates. On that note, CNN is having a Town Hall with some of the most intriguing Democratic candidates so far this coming Monday, April 22. Check for times. 

Since “they” seem to score candidates by how much money the public throws at them, pick someone and make a donation. Large or small, it matters. What doesn’t matter is continuing to drag our attention lumbering  after  every distraction created and energized by the GOP & the commercial media. Try like all hell to stop!

Focus only on winning in 2020. The rest is white (very white!) noise. 


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