Cause Chaos!

We knew the plan to bring down America would turn on foreign and internal interference and their ability to wreak havoc between our citizens. Trump & a few key GOP Senators have been the pawns in place to orchestrate this chaos. As ringmaster, Trump’s egocentric madness works spectacularly for the job. Seeing himself losing his re-election, Trump has deployed federal law enforcement to Chicago and other cities controlled by Democrats. With camouflage-clad agents sweeping through the streets of Portland and dragging citizens into their unmarked vans, more units are poised to head to Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit and other urban centers that are led by Democrats. Governors and other officials compare Trump’s actions to Hitleresque authoritarianism, and vow to pursue legislation or lawsuits to stop him. They are calling it an election-year ploy, while they are busy squaring off against crime, illness, civil liberties and local control that has spread from Portland, Ore., across the country. Above it all, Trump gleefully stirs the pot. Just as we were warned.

And please, don’t forget to meet the USA’s Gestapo leader, Homeland Security chief Chad Wolf, who uses the secret police methods of Nazi Germany’s Hermann Göring, much as Trump follows the white supremacist teachings of Adolf Hitler. Remember, Hitler was not destroying the Jews because of their religion. He saw them as a different and “inferior race.” [As he viewed any “other” who wasn’t him.] The Nazis were building the Master RACE. They were racists. What is going on around you today is neo-nazi-ism. Or new white supremacy racism. Don’t be afraid to learn. The only scary thing is not knowing!

We are not helpless: November 3, 2020







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