Clueless, party of two

Once upon a time in the 18th century, the ignorant and selfish Queen of France declared, “Let them eat cake!” when informed there was no bread in the kingdom to feed the starving, dying peasants.

Today an equally idiotic and self-centered tyrant in the United States is solving his country’s tragic crisis, by declaring, “Let them die. For those who can afford good healthcare will live—and vote for me.”

But take heed, good people. The past does not so much repeat itself, as rhyme. The starving French peasants could hardly “eat cake.” So they tore down the whole fucking kingdom.

Voila! The French Revolution: May 5, 1789 to November 9, 1799. 

  The End.

Below: French Queen, Marie Antoinette & American Dunce, The Don


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