What the statistics of truth are telling us today and what that means for 2020. Pencils up:

Most Americans — 75 percent of recent poll respondents — say they need to see the entire Mueller report to better understand what happened. That stat emerged across the political spectrum, with 54 percent of Republicans wanting to see the report, along with 90 percent of Democrats and 74 percent of people who identify as politically independent.
Many GOP “influencers are nervous about what devil is in the details.” One major concern is whether further evidence of obstruction of justice by the president would surface. This “concern,” of course, is exactly what over half of the American people want to get to the bottom of once and for all.

Also: Two-thirds of Americans think Trump should not pardon members of his administration or his presidential campaign who were criminally convicted as a result of the Mueller investigation. And that opinion is true among 53 percent of Republicans, 63 percent of independents and 87 percent of Democrats.

Lotsa faces and ideas to scare the lies right out of the GOP.

When asked if they would cast a ballot for Trump in 2020, 54 percent of U.S. adults said they would definitely vote against Trump. Another 35 percent said they would definitely vote for Trump — up 5 percent since January — and an additional 11 percent of Americans said they had no idea.

Ok, then, putting aside all distractions (our single most important challenge from now on), a winning candidate in the next presidential election will be the one who can break through the divisions in our increasingly polarized nation.

Who is that winning candidate? Watch every interview, rally, debate, and town hall. Read their voting records. If they’ve changed, that’s ok, but why? A polarizing candidate in a polarized country (Trump) will not win without interference from outside forces. Be hyper vigilant. This time statistics are clearly telling us to win over voters of all types, and to win big. Leave nothing to chance.

By 2020, we will know what (primarily) good candidate can do this. We mustn’t defeat ourselves this time. Vote for this candidate. Regardless.


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