January 27th is International Holocaust Day—Why?

Watch this.

On this day, 80 years ago, the Soviet army marched into Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland, and witnessed first hand what the world had been denying for 6 years. The unspeakable remains of Nazi mass murder and torture.


Antisemitism is one of fascism’s earliest warning signs. Throughout history—culminating in in the recent January 6th “6MWE” (6 Million Wasn’t Enough t-shirts and sweat shirts)—Jews have been singled out as a threatening, different, and inferior race. Race? As in racism? Yes.

When NEVER AGAIN was first bellowed en mass from the survivors of the Nazi Shoah, most of the post WWII world understood and agreed. But 80 years later, a post-Trump world is slipping once again down, down into the oldest scapegoating toilet known.

“First they came for the Jews/ But I was not a Jew/ So I didn’t say anything/ Then they came for the …/ But I was not a …/ So I didn’t say anything/… Then they came for me/ And there was no one left to say anything”

Eighty years ago turns out to be an UnDead, Unbridled time, coming back like a meteor out of its orbit. Don’t look up? We have no choice. All the alarm bells are ringing. Rise and join the cries of “NEVER AGAIN” with your own fierce actions, voices, organizations, and confident votes.

If not us, who?

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