Greta Thunberg

And then, a little wise Buddah fell to earth

Everything about Greta Thunberg adheres to the archetype visionary, genius, trailblazer, and, yes, even prophet.

Her ancient youth, her other worldliness, her drive and intelligence, her steely vulnerability—all of it bangs against the walls of her atypically functioning brain like a new Morse Code, sending out the message “help us” to the universe. And we, the followers, are left to join her family and friends in worrying about her health, her safety, and her energy—all because she is doing what no one has been able to do. She is doing what Al Gore and other powerful voices couldn’t—she is screaming into the dangerous face of climate change so loud, the youth of our planet are pulling out their iPods and Beats and listening. And now that they are, they’re pissed. And they’re standing with Greta.

Surprisingly fearless and more than willing to throw good manners to the wind, Greta Thunberg receives standing ovations at international climate conventions when she kicks the butts of world leaders sitting politely in the audience. With her innocent face and appealing Swedish accent, her stealth chastisings are twice as potent: “Talk is nothing! Trying is nothing. We don’t have anymore time. You all failed. And now my generation will pay. Blah, blah, blah! Do something. Now.”

Greta is the exact right person at the right time. That’s why she appeared. Watch her. Listen to her. Support her. For she came here to support us. Join her in the Herculean task of rescuing Planet Earth for future generations, those born today, and those who won’t be born for decades.

Greta has appeared at this time because we need her. She is the perfect messenger for the most difficult and frightening information all living beings on planet Earth must hear and believe.

A prophet? A teacher? A child? Listen to Greta Thunberg and decide for yourself.

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