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Review by Dr. Jayan Marie Landry

Review: Random Events Tend to Cluster: a Memoir

Dear Judy,

I was excited when my brother gifted me this Christmas with a signed copy of your book “Random Events Tend to Cluster.” In the dark New England winter, I saved it for my summer when I could read it at the beach. Your book became a friend as I embraced each word. I was emotionally hooked by page 17, “It will take me years to understand the magnitude of well-being and joy of having someone, anyone, even a dog, know without a doubt — exactly who you are.”

The book, a mix of history, personal testimony, humor, entertainment, social awareness, has a bit of something for everyone. I would be in my 20’s before my brother came out to me. As a child, I never knew as we sat cross-legged on the wooden floor watching Chico and the man, we were both pining for Freddie Prince. I also could not have imagined all the pain and life struggles that lie ahead for my gay brother in our small Archie Bunker world.

Judy your crusade as a white, Jewish woman finding your way and plowing through the ignorance and bigotry in those early years is illustrated with each story. I am deeply grateful and proud of you and my brother for your unyielding courage and energy to fight the battle of homophobia, bigotry, and racism throughout your life.

As a psychotherapist, I am gleeful and privileged to hear about the young adults in my community who are coming out with pride and support from their families. The students marching for equal rights for all. The same sex couples raising children in those fully integrated neighborhoods without fear and reproach. With each story I hear, in the core of my being, I burst with pride because I know it is only this way because trailblazers like you Judy dared to speak up and live your truth one situation at a time throughout your life.

I am proud to recommend your memoir to my clients. This week, my daughter is on her vacation and has sole rights to my coveted copy! It’s summer in New England and it doesn’t get any better for us than reading a treasured book in the warmth by the sea.


Dr. Jayan Marie Landry
-Andover, MA and Wells, ME

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  1. How marvelous the way u described the world the author went through, also some of the characters she described. I can’t wait to start the book.

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