Now it’s the The United Countries of Europe & the United States of America VS Russia & Autocratic Governments

The European Union is often a mess, like another so-called united group of governments, The United States. It is made up of nations and ethnic groups that war with each other and have different, sometimes competing interests and values. Britain’s vote in 2016 to leave the union shows how far such divisions can go. But thanks to a 21st Century Hitleresque Autocrat, a new alliance has been born:

Today Democratic nations and people are sending a united message to Putin that democracy matters, and authoritarians cannot get away with mass murder just because they want something really, really bad that isn’t theirs!

Europe’s strong united response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has presented a possibility that was hard to imagine a month ago: A real fierce counter to the global slide of Democracies over the past 15 years.

Watching citizens from all over Europe greet Ukrainian refugees with warm food and flowers as they flood into train stations from certain death, we see that Europe’s new commitments will counter the global slide of Democracies over the past 15 years. And a tougher Europe, a tougher United States, as well as so many other countries’ fierce response to Russia’s invasion, shows that democracies are willing to wield power to counter autocratic governments

United Countries of the EU

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