Impeach this unAmerican, rogue Supreme Court and get back to “We The People”…fast! 

Rainbows are illegal in Florida. The sunshine state’s Parental Rights in Education measure, known as the “don’t say gay” law, has officially taken effect. Under the new law, public school teachers can’t  “encourage classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels”.

And yet, heterosexuality IS a sexual orientation too, but this new law won’t of course mean teachers can’t mention their straight spouses. That’s different, because, ummm, well, …??? Another hitch, since discussing gender identity is banned, will students be prohibited from referring to anyone as ‘he’ or ‘she’?

No! The bill wasn’t designed to be applied to straight white (males?). It was designed to do one thing: terrorize LGBTQ+ people. Like Texas’s abortion bounty law, the “don’t say gay bill” gives parents the power to levy lawsuits against teachers or schools they think are supporting LGBTQ human beings. The threat of this costly lawsuit means underfunded school districts will err on the side of caution and ask teachers to avoid saying or doing anything that could be possibly be construed as queer. 

Lawyers have already told teachers in Orange County public schools that they should not wear rainbows; avoid mentioning same-sex spouses, or displaying any pictures of them; and remove safe-space stickers from their classroom doors. 

Holy crap! The dying grand ol’ party has made a law that means a rainbow sticker will end a teacher’s career.

But, wait! There’s more. 

While you can’t say gay in Florida schools, teachers can pray as much they like. On Monday, the supreme court ruled that the right to exercise free speech means public school “teachers are allowed to lead organized prayer with students while on school grounds.”

I personally can’t wait to see what happens when Muslims, Jews, Buddhists or other non Christians roll out their prayer rugs and books and begin leading prayers in these same classrooms. Please send me photos!!!

And don’t forget, at least a dozen states are considering legislation that would mirror Florida’s law and turn public schools into a hostile environment for anyone who isn’t straight and doesn’t conform to gender norms.

This is horror #1. 

Horror #2 is what are Democrats doing about this? 

What they do best: freaking out without a calculated counter attack. 

“We have your back.”

Seriously!? Wake the hell up! Lazy won’t work anymore cause it is literally killing young LGBTQ people!

Several confirmed Supreme Court judges lied under oath about Roe V. Wade to “…it’s settled law…bs..bs…bs” to be confirmed by the Senate. Democrats MUST introduce legislation to:

A) undo their confirmation. 

B) limit lifetime terms on the highest court to 8 years maximum.

C) confirm 2 more judges while we have a Democratic president.

Start behaving like legal and moral warriors, instead of the “Oh dear!” Greek chorus that no GOP-er would ever chant

And hurry the eff up!



Democrats: Impeach this immoral man!
You are not RUTHless Enough!
Deliberate, ok But act!

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