Don’t Use The Nazi Holocaust To Win Elections

A new and disgusting GOP low has been embodied by another Trump wanna be, the 44-year-old former state treasurer and state representative who wants to become Ohio’s next senator: Josh Mandel.

Josh Mandel: confused and confusing others.

Welcome to the empty-headed hate-filled world of Josh Mandel, who thinks the surest way to become Ohio’s next senator is to echo the asinine extremism of his deluded former president. 

Ignorant politicians today increasingly rely on Holocaust imagery to denigrate their opponents. It is a sign of zero compassion, paltry intelligence, and inaccurate thinking. It demeans the slaughter of six million Jews and is especially deranged if you are the Jewish grandson of Holocaust survivors. Wow!

Mandel has characterized the Biden administration’s attempts to save Americans (& the world) from the ongoing CoVid epidemic by pushing for country-wide vaccinations as Gestapo like. Mandel is insane and his family must be spinning in despair. 

History informs even the flakiest GOP dolt that the 1930-40s Holocaust led to many, many things including the birth of the state of Israel. Thus, because Israel has recently mandated CoVid vaccines to protect its citizens —I would love to see the faces of Josh Mandel’s dear Israeli friends when they hear he is referring to such life-saving mandates as “Nazi & Gestapo tactics.” 

In Josh’s loopy case, like Trump his grandparents came to America as refugees, but he of course wants to close the America’s doors to other refugees, especially if they are Muslims and from Afghanistan. He is idiotically accusing them of wanting to “bring child brides and Sharia Law to your neighborhood.” 

Look, Trumpians really are severely brainwashed and currently riding the same outrageous wave of ignorance that so many unexamined Republicans are surfing straight down. Beware. Look out!

Vote against these fascist ding-bats in 2022. 

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