A story of hope amid horror

Justice Sam Alito—the head wretch in the unconstitutional destruction of ROE V. WADE—was appointed by a U.S. President, GEORGE W. BUSH, who did not win the popular vote, and in fact, only got into office because the Supreme Court’s conservative majority at that time had been picked by his father, President George Walker Bush.

Many documents reveal that the GOP insisted George W. run with Dick Cheney as his VP because Cheney was considered a real SOB that the party could count on, and Bush was “weak.”

Here comes the tiny pearl of hope: Change. People change.

George W.’s wife, Laura Bush, never agreed with anything that hurt women’s freedom and privately pushed her husband to break away from his party’s conservative stance on these issues. Both their daughters agreed. George W. often found himself drawn to people his party found unhelpful. (Note his instant connection with Michelle Obama. )

Dick Cheney has 2 daughters. One (whom I know through my past work) Mary Cheney, is gay and married to her partner. The other is Liz Cheney, initially a tough ultra-conservative. Dick Cheney, the man who championed torture during recent Middle East wars (among other deplorable things) adores both his daughters. Despite her conservative positions on absolutely everything, so does his wife Lynn Cheney.

Then January 6th happens and the Cheneys (all of them) turn on Trump and the GOP’s American destruction derby plans. (Finally!)

Most importantly, Liz Cheney, who has a voice in Congress, picks up her sword and for a zillion good (& ambitious) reasons goes on a tear. She not only attacks Trump and her own party, she apologizes to her sister, Mary, and publicly announces that she was wrong to oppose Marriage Equality. “Of course Mary and her wife should be legally married!” She gets herself on any congressional committee she can that can help bring to Justice what she now knows went down before, during, and after 1/6.

These cracks in the walls of America’s growing fascism are all we have. The opposition is counting on us to feel hopeless and believe there is no point in registering ourselves or others to vote, and then voting. That’s their winning plan. It won’t work without our cooperation.

Yes, they are cheating the system. But we can still smash this fascist plot (that really did have its roots when a rigged Supreme Court picked a GOP presidential candidate who lost the popular vote in 2000). How?

  1. Vote in the midterms with the mindset that the Ukrainians had when Putin set out to end their country.
  2. If you see something fishy, report it. Post about it. Call your Democratic candidates. Be a warrior.
  3. Start ASAP. Scare them with determination. Trust that we have the numbers
  4. If conservatives are running our government, it’s on us to fix it. They are NOT the majority of Americans.
  5. The majority of Americans believe:
  • Women should control their own bodies
  • Protecting Planet Earth is crucial
  • Equal rights to all people of any race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation is a human right
  • If we can register voters, we can register guns. Weapons of war don’t belong in our homes or on our streets
  • we, alone, belong on our streets, fighting for equality for all human beings

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