• Impeach this unAmerican, rogue Supreme Court and get back to “We The People”…fast! 
    Rainbows are illegal in Florida. The sunshine state’s Parental Rights in Education measure, known as the “don’t say gay” law, has officially taken effect. Under the new law, public school teachers can’t  “encourage classroom discussion about
  • The hard birth of truth
    Breathe. Read. Right to Lifeby Marge Piercy(1980) A woman is not a basket you placeyour buns in to keep them warm. Not a broodhen you can slip duck eggs under.Not the purse holding the coins
  • A story of hope amid horror
    Justice Sam Alito—the head wretch in the unconstitutional destruction of ROE V. WADE—was appointed by a U.S. President, GEORGE W. BUSH, who did not win the popular vote, and in fact, only got into office
  • When someone says what must be said
    Democrats are doing zip about this! That’s because you don’t run to a raging fire with a squirt gun. You be as mean and unhinged as the bigots ruining America. Forget about: “Oh but then we’ll be as bad as they are. “ BE THAT BAD. WIN BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

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